Boiko Kolev (1968)

Boiko Kolev (1968)
  • Boiko Kolev (1968)

    Boiko Kolev (1968)

    Boyko Kolev

    Born on Thursday at 2:10 АМ

    Growth – 177 cm

    Eyes – brown

    Hair – long


    During my childhood computers were not yet discovered (who knows where they were hidden) and I had to draw all day long. I did not like the game of funnels and the plastic rifles – I’m a pacifist. In my adolescence I continued to draw and paint, although I had to do other non-specific things like mathematics, physics, chemistry, Russian language … Somewhere at that time I fell in love – lasting. Then they took me to the barracks and when they realized I was a pacifist they immediately took my rifle and gave me a studio – to paint. Most of the military at that time were also pacifists… I love Bulgaria! I am glad that I have come across this surrealistic colorful place in which no one is in his place. After the military service, my parents refused to give a bribe for the second time and I was not accepted at the National Academy of Art. A blessing in disguise! I graduated from the World Academy, on the advice of the old masters. There I chosed my professors myself. I strongly recommend this Academy to all of them who are involved in painting. And so … I have painted paintings for a long time, when at some point it occurred to me to draw pictures. And … Here I am now. Who knows what next year will be…